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We know that making your first purchase from us over the internet can seem a little daunting and that you may be worried about the quality of the goods you will receive, therefore we have included some of the feedback we get from our customers on this page.

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Please read through the following comments and feel free to contact the writers where email links are provided if you wish to verify their experiences.

21 May 2002

Hi Steve
Thought I would just write to say that I have now received my pendant and it is absolutely beautiful. Needless to say I am very pleased. I will have no hesitation in pointing its admirers to your web site!! Regards and thanks again.
M. F.

London, UK

13 April 2002

Good Morning Julie
In October 2000 I purchased from you two unset opals and had them made into earrings when I returned to Australia in October 2001 I again visited you at the Freemantle markets to show you the opal earrings set. At that time I purchased another much larger unset opal to have made into a pendant to match the earrings, well the good news is I have had the pendant made and It is really stunning. I paid about NZ1890.00 for the unset opal and the setting cost about NZ$230.00. I then had a valuation done on the finished pendant and it came back at NZ$5450.00. WHAT A BARGAIN. Next time I am in Perth I will again call in and see you and show you the pendant, and knowing me will possibly buy another unset opal from you. Trust that this year has been good to you. I have just recently married and wore the earrings and the pendant on that day and every one remarked on them. Thank you for helping me to choose such lovely opals that went together so well

Regards K.T
New Zealand

Dear Steve,
We have received the opal ring as requested and are absolutely delighted with the quality and your service. We look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Leicestershire U.K.

Well, I received my ring today, and all I can say is, Wow. I am stunned. It is absolutely beautiful. I got it this morning on my way to work, opened the box and almost dropped it. I sat there for five minutes just staring at it. It was a big distraction all day today. I spend a lot of time typing, so with that ring on my finger, I found myself gazing at it. I am absolutely impressed, and all I can say is thanks. This whole experience has been just wonderful, and I am so glad I did business with you. You have a customer for life, and, in fact, if I could, I'd like to ask a favor. I had a number of people at work (and my cousin, being a jeweler herself, may be interested as well), who may want a copy of your brochure. Can I ask you to send a few more to me, I am keeping one all to myself, but I've already handed out the other two.

Oregon, U.S.A .

Just a note to tell you the ring I ordered, has arrived. My wife loves it, it matches the ear rings I bought from you perfectly. And it arrived just in time for our anniversary!
Thank you, sincerely,

Maryland, U.S.A.

I am sorry for my impatience, and you were right it arrived late last
night and my wife was thrilled as was I. I can not thank you enough! It is

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Dear Sirs,
On March 17, I received the opal pendant that I had ordered earlier this
month. It is beautiful and I was so surprised as to the fast delivery.
Thanks again,
Nebraska, U.S.A.

Dear Steve,
I received the pendant today. The pendant is beautiful. Thank you for
everything. I will definitely be doing business with you again. Also I will
give your card to a few people.
Thank You!!!

Memphis, Tennasee, U.S.A